Bracknell Lions are struggling for membership. The club has been running for 54 years, and has reached a crucial juncture- if we are not able to bring more people onboard to join the club, then it will be closing in 2022.

This is beyond sad- one of the longest running clubs in the district that has brought joy, friendship and help to so many people in the local community. You only need to browse this site to see the events we've run and money we've raised even in the last few years to see what a special organisations the Lions are.
It's been a hard few years with Covid as well as personal circumstances changing for many of our members- as a result, our membership has sadly taken a serious dip. To keep helping our local community and keep this club running, we need more local people like YOU to come and join us!

We are looking at both fully signed up members who want to help shape the future of the club, helping choose what kind of events and services we get involved in as well as "friends of the club" who can support with people power and an extra pair of hands when needed.

Why be a Lion?

  • You can help raise money for local causes and see direct results in your community

  • It's an amazing chance to build new friendships

  • There's an opportunities to learn new skills and be involved in a range of activities locally and globally

What you can do next:
  • Message us via facebook or our website to let us know you're interested in becoming a member

  • Pop along to chat to us on Sat 30th April 2022 in The Lexicon 10-4 where we'll have an information stall between the war memorial/ princess square and TKMAXX

  • Come along to our information evening and experience a real life club meeting on Mon 9th May 2022 at Forest Park Community Centre (chat from 7pm, meeting starts at 7:30pm)

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What being a Lion means in reality

  • Lions pay a small annual fee to be a member- this means that all the money we raise goes directly to charity.
  • We have one 60-90 minute long meeting a month, and if we're running a big event there may be extra shorter meetings to agree specifics.
  • The members decide what events to run, how to run them and who to raise money for. Everyone gives whatever time they are able to based on their personal circumstances. The more club members we have, the more we are able to do.
  • We work together as a team to make things happen- everyone uses their own strengths to support the club.
  • Both on-the-job and official training are provided to help new members with induction to Lions International as well as support if they'd like to take on a more official role such as a treasurer or secretary.
  • As a club we run social activities such as meals out throughout the year to keep enjoying each others company as well as giving us time to chat through ideas

Get in touch, find out more and JOIN US in Lionism.

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