Project Updates

August 5th - fundraising appeal starts at 70th birthday party

September 2016 - donations reach 1500

October 19th - challenge to St Teresa's School in Wokingham for school equipment - 65kg donated

Nov 6th to 13th November - 2nd trip, new designs and price agreed. School equipment donated to school. Also frequency and delivery of mobile medical clinic agreed

Nov 14th - funds now standing at 2500

May 22nd 2017 - new desks and benches commissioned by St Theresa's Catholic Academy Wokingham, are delivered to the school in Kunkujang

July 10th 2017 - fund reaches 7200 and Trustees agree to release 6500 to enable work to start on site but project put on hold after application to LCIF for a matching grant

October 25th 2017 - application is successful and preparations made for materials to be gathered and final site survey undertaken

Mid December 2017 - work starts on site with villagers as part of the workforce thus ensuring that money goes back into the community

February 10th 2018 - ribbon cut by Gambian Director of water resources with new Leader of the General Assembly of the Government in attendance

Feb 13th 2018 - back home again but planning next project